5 x Thai Green Curry Meal Prep


A super healthy dish, delicious fresh vegetables & soy cubes, cooked in mouth watering green gravy and served with basmati rice.

5 x Thai Green Curry Meal Prep

  • Vegan | Vegetarian | Plant-based

    This meal is naturally healthy & loaded with essential vitamins, fats & oils.

    This dish is constructed using the following ingredients:

    Onion, Garlic, Mushroom, Broccoli, Bell Peppers, Baby Marrow, Coconut, Lemon Grass, Spring Onion, Herbs & Spices, Soy Protein, Basmati Rice,


  • You will receive 5 individually packaged 'Thai Green Curry' meals for you to enjoy at your convenience. Each meal weighs 450g and is packaged in our 100% recyclable eco-friendly packaging that can be stored in the freezer for guaranteed freshness. When you're ready to eat, simply follow the heating instructions and you'll have a high quality meal in minutes.